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Since our inception in January 2007, Polka Dot Bride has featured in a variety of media. Please have a browse through some of the articles and media featuring Polka Dot Bride.

In October 2011, Polka Dot Bride was thrilled to be ranked Australia’s #1 Women’s blog by Blog Chicks. Since then, Polka Dot Bride has remained as Australia’s #1 Weddings Blog and has been selected as one of BrideTide’s Top 100 Wedding Blogs since 2009.

For all media and press inquiries, please visit our contact page.

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“Come In Pinners, Get On Board” The AgeJune 2012

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“DIY Wedding, Vintage Bride” Herald Sun April 2012

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Wedding Sites Sunday Telegraph September 2012

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“With These Pins I Thee Wed” Grazia April 2012

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Sunday Life Magazine “Ladies In Waiting” June 2011

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Shoe String Launch Magazine “Young & Influential List 2011″ November 2011

buzz 32 The Buzz

Sunday Telegraph “It’s A Nice Day For A White Wedding” September 2011

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Dynamic Business June 2011 “For Love and Money: Blogging” June 2011

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Real Weddings Style Annual 2010 “A Paper Wedding” September 2010

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Madison Magazine “Life etc: 5 Blogs Worth A Peek” May 2009

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Get Married Magazine Summer 2010 “Best Loved Blogs” May 2010

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Cleo Magazine “Wedding Websites” July 2010

buzz 08 The Buzz

Modern Wedding Magazine Winter 2009 “Tips For Designing A Stunning Inspiration Board”

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Eco Beautiful Weddings Spring 2010 “The Green City Guide: Sydney” March 2010

buzz 10 The Buzz

Wedding Magazine “Going Dotty” August 2008

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Real Weddings Winter 2010 “Secret Garden Inspiration” June 2010

buzz 05 The Buzz

Shop Til You Drop Magazine May 2010 “6 of The Best Parsimonious Bridal Blogs” April 2010

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buzz 15 The Buzz “Hits Of The Week: Five Bridal Blogs To Inspire Your Big Day” June 2011

buzz 17 The Buzz

Good Business Consulting “Interview with Top 20 Australian female blogger, Ms Polka Dot” August 2011

buzz 19 The Buzz

Sparkliatti by Sasha Souza “Lovin’ The Blog” July 2008

buzz 20 The Buzz

The Bride’s Guide by Darcy Miller “Martha Show and Blogs” September 2008

buzz 12 The Buzz

Wedding Industry Expert Awards Advisor 2012

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Top Wedding Blogs 2013

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“Polka Dot Bride; the rise of one of Australia’s biggest blogging brands” Influencing December 2011

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Antibride Guest Feature Writer Launched December 2009

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November 13th, 2009 September 11th, 2009 August 28th, 2009 August 7th, 2009 July 3rd, 2009 May 29th, 2009 May 1st, 2009 March 20th, 2009 February 20th, 2009 February 13th, 2009 January 9th, 2009 December 26th, 2008 November 28th, 2008

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Wedding Blog Awards “Most Charming Wedding Blog Award” December 2007

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Weddingbells “25 Bloggers We Love” March 2010

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November 13th, 2008 September 4th, 2008

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WETV- WE Go Bridal “Best Online Sources For Inspiration” November 2008

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The Slice: Serving You Today’s Best Wedding News January 2011

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TNW “ launches a visual search engine” September 2011

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Style Me Pretty “Blog Action Day Part II” October 2007

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Psyched In Stilettos Guest Columnist “Spiritual Weddings” September 2008

buzz 36 The Buzz

Bella Figura Trendsetter January 2009

buzz 37 The Buzz

Pink Frosting Guest Feature Writer Launched November 2008

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Perfect Bound “Registry Bliss” February 2008

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Featured on Alltop Weddings

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“In Profile” Ignite Newsletter The Frank Team March 2011

buzz 43 The Buzz Guest Post “Ladies Nightcap” April 2010

buzz 44 The Buzz

Henry Roth “Bridal Blog Heaven” November 2009

buzz 46 The Buzz

Girl With A Satchel Guest Review “Bride To Be Magazine August 2008″ October 2008

buzz 47 The Buzz

Bride Tide “Top 100 Wedding Blogs To Follow In 2009″ March 2009

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“Our Pick of The Best Wedding Websites” February 2011

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Featured on Best Wedding Blogs

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Top Wedding Blogs of 2011

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Best Wedding Blogs

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The Bride’s Guide by Darcy Miller “Martha Show and Blogs” September 2008

head on television The Buzz

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Mornings With Kerri- Anne “Bridal Fashions” 1st July 2010

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The Today Show “Bridesmaids Fashions” 28th June 2010

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Wedding Podcast Network founder Holly Elrich talks about Polka Dot Bride’s “5 Ways To Plan Your Wedding While Sick In Bed” post January 2008

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Stacie Tamaki of The Flirty Guide mentions Polka Dot Bride in her “Meet The Wedding Bloggers” Podcast July 2008